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BSc (Hons), MSc, MPsychPsych, MBPF, MBPC, MACP, MTSP

Psychoanalyst / Consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist / Adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist

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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Usually the first meeting will be with the parents / guardian of the infant or child.

Mother — Infant/Child assessment

Often parenting patterns from our own childhoods are communicated in the early stages of nurturing our infants and young children. Listening to and attending to the special relationship you are forming with your infant will allow you to reflect upon and review your parenting. Most importantly, the worries you have, can be reduced and allow more emotional understanding, which in turn generates depth and space in your relationship with your infant / child.

This short term weekly psychotherapy will benefit you as parents to develop a stronger and healthy attachment to your child.

Child Psychotherapy Assessment

An assessment of your child in a safe, containing and therapeutic environment allows your child the space to communicate their worries in a way that can be understood. Sometimes toys and other play material allow another form of communication to take place when the child cannot find the words to express themselves.

Some young people may find the stresses and strains of growing into adulthood a difficult period in their lives and can feel misplaced and isolated. It is at these times a period of psychotherapy can help develop a better understanding about themselves and others. This provides a stronger platform for their future relationships.

Not sure if this is the right course for you and your child? Get in touch for us to arrange a consultation and we will decide together.