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BSc (Hons), MSc, MPsychPsych, MBPF, MBPC, MACP, MTSP

Psychoanalyst / Consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist / Adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist

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Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

The initial consultation will enable you to decide on the treatment that will best benefit your concerns and worries. The consultations last for fifty minutes. Sometimes we may have to meet on more than one occasion to develop a full understanding of what is needed.

During the consultation you will be free to explore in a confidential way your concerns and worries and know that these anxieties are taken seriously. Most importantly, the consultation will help you make up your mind whether we can work together and psychotherapy will be of help to you. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a two way relationship in its endevour to create change.

Short term Adult Psychotherapy

A period of short term psychotherapy may enable you to gain enough understanding of your difficulties and enable you to process what the origins of your worries are and how to accommodate and manage your present difficulties.

Medium term Adult Psychotherapy

Medium term psychotherapy may enable you to explore on a deeper level and develop some understanding and further knowledge of what has caused the emotional difficulties. These problems have been experienced by you over a much longer period of time and will need more in-depth analysis of the causes and what has initiated such difficult feelings.

Longer term Adult Psychotherapy

Longer term psychotherapy will enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of your emotional self. Your presenting worries, anxious feelings and upsets have been there on some level for a long time; you might even have some ideas where they originated. This may add to the feelings of unhappiness. It may feel difficult to trust or believe that something can change.

Long term psychotherapy offers you the containing process to start to approach these internal experiences and begin to develop different and long lasting change. This will allow you to gain understanding and strength from recognising the changes in yourself. There will be an opportunity to be seen more than once a week, allowing long term problems to have the space and time for an in-depth analysis and to gradually change your experiences.

Contact me if you are unsure what sort of treatment is most suitable for you. Was it child or adolescent treatment you wanted? See under Child Psychotherapy.